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Musikilu Mojeed Talks Politics With Skype Callers

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Musikilu Mojeed, the Premium Times managing editor, and Sahara TV's Rudolf Okonkwo discuss the Nigerian Governors Forum re-election of Gov. Rotimi Amaechi, the media in Nigeria and President Goodluck Jonathan's missed...

Africa In The City – “No Taxi For Black Man”

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This week on Africa in the City, we take a ride with an African Taxi driver and discover the truth about why black folks in New York City struggle with picking up a Taxi.

The African Knock off Hustle – The Industry Of Selling Fake Designer Products In NYC

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This week on Africa In The City, we search the city for a fake designer handbag and get an up close look into the industry of selling fake designer products in New York City.

Africa in the City “Black Hair Matters”

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What does your hair mean to you? On this episode of Africa In The City, we talk about black hair and all of the many different choices black women have in styling their hair.

Keeping It Real With Adeola – Episode 74 (London Terrorists From Nigerian Families)

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In Keeping it Real episode 74, Adeola wonders who should take the blame for the two children of Nigerian immigrants who killed a British solider. She also raises the question of identity: Is the child of Nigerians bor...

Doctor Damages Episode 90

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In his 90th episode, Dr. Damages brings to you the hilarious advice American television evangelist, Rev. Pat. Robertson gave to a woman agonizing whether to forgive her cheating husband. If your thought Robertson was ...

Doctor Damages Episode 89

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The stars over Washington are lining up against President Barack Obama. Dr. Damages gives you a permutation that may turn things up in favor of Nigeria when the Messiah returns home to Africa in time for the 2015 elec...

Pidgin: The Common Linguistic Thread Tying The Fabric Of Nigeria Together By Ese Olumhense

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As African metros grow dramatically, and as custom and culture diffuse across the many different physical, geographic, and social borders that mark the continent, one element seems to have achieved some constancy desp...

Keeping It Real With Adeola – Episode 72

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This week, two Nigerians get in a heated argument on Al Jazeera while discussing Boko Haram and corruption in Nigeria. Find out Adeola's reaction when one of them, Dr. Doyin Okupe orders his opponent to shut-up! A ...

Doctor Damages Episode 88

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The era of white women saving black men is over. Thanks to Charles Ramsey, the reverse is now the case. The kidnapping of three Cleveland, Ohio, women by a man who looked harmless sets off an alarm bell in Dr. Damages...

Keeping It Real With Adeola – Episode 71

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Officials in Nigeria have announced that the country's infrastructures will finally be developed by 2014, and Adeola is very excited! However, her excitement fades away quickly when she finds out details of the morato...

Doctor Damages Episode 87

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Dr. Damages visits to show you the top three surprising suitors hoping to win the love of New York millionaire Martha Stewart. Did Barack Obama rip off Dr. Damages' joke in his performance at the White House...