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A Night Of African Royalty: The Regal Ball Gives Back To Rwanda

By Tabara Sy


On Saturday, June 8th in NYC, Osita F. Ugeh, CEO of Duke Concept Entertainment curated The Regal Ball at The Capitale Ballroom, with the red carpet hosted by the Afro artist, Nestreya. The Ball is geared towards celebrating excellence all throughout the African Diaspora, while using its proceeds to help a charity cause back home. Kings and Queens came together, dressed in the finest suits and elegant ball gowns, bringing an emphasis on the art of fashion. The night, celebrated through the fashion, of course, as well as music, dance and art, included performances featuring violinist Yanelli Lamour, Eeflat, and the Afro-Afriqué dancers.




Celebrity guests such as the Jamaican Dancehall artist Spice, and Ivorian Afrobeats Star, Afro B, and Celebrity Make-up Artist and Creative Director, Moshoodat, South-Sudanese model, Nyakim Gatwech also came through to celebrate a good cause in efforts to meet the charity goal.










Aside from recognizing accomplishments through the diaspora, the main objective for The Regal Ball was to raise $200,000 for health insurance for children in Rwanda. Since the genocide in 1994, Rwanda and its people still suffer the residual effects from the tramautic period. Because of the genocide, many Rwandans were stripped of necessary resources to successfully strive in their society. This aligns with the mission of The Regal Ball overall, which is to not only celebrate, but to also giving back.


Though it was the first Regal Ball, it was a successful one filled with nothing but talent, beauty, and excellence from the diaspora.

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