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Dr. Damages Show –Episode 207: Introducing Buhari’s Super Ministers

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While some people in the world are fighting terrorism, Americans are fighting over what picture should be on a cup of coffee. The world is going crazy. It is obvious today but it has been obvious for quite a while. Yo...

Dr. Damages Show –Episode 206: Nigeria’s Economy: Buhari Vs. Sanusi

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The higher Dr. Ben Carson climbs on the Republican Party primary polls, the more his behind is showing. Dr. Damages reveals whom Ben Carson said wrote his name, Donald Trump style, on the pyramids of Egypt. Not lon...

Dr. Damages Show –Episode 205: How Rotimi Amaechi Became a Prayer Point

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As American policemen continue to kill black people, Dr. Damages investigates and shows how a young Nigerian man became one of the latest victims of police brutality in America. Last week, Buhari was in India to at...

Dr. Damages Episode Ep 203: A Special Tribute To Alamieyeseigha

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As a good Africa who still retains his humanity when too many Africans have lost theirs, Dr. Damages pays a special tribute to the former governor of Bayelsa State, DSP Alamieyeseigha, who died last week of heart atta...

Dr. Damages Show – Episode 202: El-Rufai : The Accidental Vice President

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While all eyes were on billionaire Donald Trump, a very dangerous man was quietly  making his way to the White House. Dr. Damages brings you up to date on a brilliant brain surgeon who lost his mind on his way to the ...

Dr. Damages Ep 201: Pope Shines In The US, Saraki Stoned In Ilorin

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Pope Francis makes a triumphant entry into America, causing old men to cry and miracles to happen. Meanwhile, in Kwara, the home state of Nigeria’s Senate President, Bukola Saraki, he is attacked by angry mob mad that...

Dr. Damages Show Ep. 199: Three Situations When You’re Allowed To Declare Your Wife As An Asset

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A senate probe reveals that Nigeria has spent N2.74 trillion on power since 1999. That figure is over half of Nigeria’s yearly budget. Dr. Damages presents better ways that money could have been spent to make every Ni...

Dr. Damages Show – Episode 197: Buhari Made Me Cry

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Gov. Adam Oshiomhole accused the former minister of finance and the coordinating minister of the economy, Mrs. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala of approving the expenditure of N146 billion as consultancy fee for the 2nd Niger Brid...

Dr. Damages Show Eps. 196: Before You Set Another Petty Thief On Fire, Think Of These N120BN Thieves

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Chances are that somewhere in Nigeria, a petty thief is set ablaze every day for snatching a woman’s handbag or stealing a woman pot of soup or something petty. But the real thieves are those who snatch billions of Na...

Dr. Damages Show Episode 195: National Peace Committee Commits Public Intoxication

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To probe or not to probe is not the question. How to probe and how not to probe is the essence of the question. In Nigeria, the drum of war is sounding; war on corruption. We keep hearing that the war is coming but...

Dr. Damages Show -Episode 192: Buhari Returns From DC, Obama Goes To Africa

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Presidents of nowadays are something else. In our own eyes, Buhari embraces Baba-Go-Slow while Obama embraces Kenya. Because Obama knew that we would say that he went to Kenya to look for his original birth certifi...

On His Way to Washington, DC, Buhari Wishes Dr. Damages’ Friends Happy Sallah

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Just before he left for Washington DC, President Muhammadu Buhari took a moment off his busy schedule to wish viewers of Dr. Damages Show, Barka de Sallah. Then, he explained what he hoped to accomplish during his vis...

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