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Dr. Damages Show — Episode 132 (Rats, Rats, Rats @ The National Conference & GDP event)

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In this episode, Dr. Damages smells a rat. Rev. Al Sharpton denies that he's a rat after news reports say that he spied on the mob. Dr. Damages breaks down the cat and rat wall to bring you the real story. At th...

Dr. Damages Packs Up His Stuff.. Says Goodbye

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After his show was cancelled on April 1, Dr. Damages returns to his set and packs up his stuff. Friends and well-wishers stop by to say goodbye. It's sad to watch till the very end.

Dr Damages Episode 131(Dr. Damages Says Goodbye, Sort Of)

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Apparently, the April 1, news of Dr. Damages' unconscious uncoupling from saharaTV was highly exaggerated. But the good doctor was already packing. The big news from abroad: Russian President Vladimir Putin is s...

Dr. Damages Show 130 (Top Ten Things Overheard At Jonathan’s Visit With Pope Francis)

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Do you feel that your president is being abused and insulted, by the opposition? Oh yeah! Has anyone compared him to a trained ape? No? So, relax. Last week at the Vatican, Pope Frances was reluctant to let Mrs. Pa...

Dr. Damages Episode129 (Why Prophet T.B. Joshua Did Not See The Stampedes Coming)

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Nigeria's Petroleum minister, Mrs. Diezani Alison- Madueke, this week fired the first shot -- oil subsidy must go, she said. It gets Dr. Damages to thinking. As a public service, the good doctor goes back 2 years, to ...

Ep 128 (Colonel Katanga, an angry army officer storms Dr. Damages new clinic)

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In episode 128, the good doctor introduces Colonel Katanga, an angry army officer who stormed his clinic just to deliver a special message to the Minister of Information, Labaran Maku.    

Dr. Damages Episode 128 (Gen. Aliyu Gusau Vs the Service Chiefs)

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President Goodluck Jonathan is having a tough time balancing his army chiefs, and his minister of defense on a scale. In episode 128, Dr. Damages brings you a photographic image of the president at work. The good doct...

Dr. Damages Episode 127 (As Mazi Anu Nti Blames Sani Abacha)

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As Russian troops enter Ukraine's region of Crimea, President Obama warns President Putin of the cost of such mission. Obama's warning makes Putin sing, "Blueberry Hill." It also makes Dr. Damages to laugh out loud ab...

Dr. Damages Episode 125 (The Saponification of Sanusi)

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Dr. Damages reminds his viewers why every four years white people come together to hold the winter Olympics. In the most surprised move of his presidency, President Goodluck Jonathan finally suspended the loudmouthed ...

Doctor Damages Episode 124

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Some people like Winnie Mandela were left out of Nelson Mandela's will. But Winnie is a big girl and can take care of herself. Dr. Damages presents the case of a poor and desperate man who did a lot for Mandela's free...

Damage Control (Dr. Damages Asks Americans to Sign a Petition in Support of Polygamy)

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You asked for it. Dr. Damages delivers: Will Americans sign a petition to compel President Obama to allow polygamy in America in exchange for Africans allowing gay marriages in Africa? Dr. Damages goes onto the street...

Doctor Damages episode 123 (Americans Sign Petition in Support of Polygamy)

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In this Super Bowl edition, Dr. Damages gives you a crash course on American football. He explains why it is called football even though they play with their hands. He also shows you President Obama's special guest at...

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