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Dr. Damages Show Eps. 196: Before You Set Another Petty Thief On Fire, Think Of These N120BN Thieves

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Chances are that somewhere in Nigeria, a petty thief is set ablaze every day for snatching a woman’s handbag or stealing a woman pot of soup or something petty. But the real thieves are those who snatch billions of Na...

Dr. Damages Show Episode 195: National Peace Committee Commits Public Intoxication

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To probe or not to probe is not the question. How to probe and how not to probe is the essence of the question. In Nigeria, the drum of war is sounding; war on corruption. We keep hearing that the war is coming but...

Dr. Damages Show -Episode 192: Buhari Returns From DC, Obama Goes To Africa

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Presidents of nowadays are something else. In our own eyes, Buhari embraces Baba-Go-Slow while Obama embraces Kenya. Because Obama knew that we would say that he went to Kenya to look for his original birth certifi...

On His Way to Washington, DC, Buhari Wishes Dr. Damages’ Friends Happy Sallah

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Just before he left for Washington DC, President Muhammadu Buhari took a moment off his busy schedule to wish viewers of Dr. Damages Show, Barka de Sallah. Then, he explained what he hoped to accomplish during his vis...

Dr. Damages Show -Episode 191: Buhari Goes To Washington

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President Muhammadu Buhari goes to Washington, DC on a 3-day visit. He will eat breakfast with President Barack Obama and dinner with Barney Frank. It is the dinner part with Barney Frank that Nigerians are worried ab...

Dr. Damages Episode 190: When Vagabonds Drink

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Musician Waconzy introduces Dr. Damages. And you know what that means? A truckload of vagabonds, drinks and hangovers. The U.S. women’s football team wins the World Cup in Canada. At a party thrown for them in New ...

Dr. Damages Show –Episode 188: Nigeria’s Treasury is Virtually Empty. Duh!

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With N7 Trillion Naira deficit and many more trillions unaccounted for, the old man who looked at President Jonathan’s hand over notes declared, “I see corruption everywhere.” Dr. Damages presents a list of strong ...

Dr. Damages Episode 187: Who Stole Buhari’s Honeymoon?

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Every new president gets a honeymoon period. But this week, it became clear that someone stole President Muhammadu Buhari’s honeymoon. Dr. Damages goes out of his way to find the person who did it and how much it is w...

Dr. Damages Show –Episode 186: APC Girls @ War: Winners & Losers

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I bet you know about President Buhari’s trip to the G-7 meeting in West Germany, sorry, Germany. But do you know the top two wishes he went with- wishes he presented to President Obama and President Michelle? Dr. Dama...

Dr. Damages Show Episode 185: Nigeria Becomes Buhari’s Headache

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Talking about change, Dr. Damages’ crackreporters say a cow-milking Kenyan lawyer who wanted to marry Barack Obama’s daughter changed his mind when he saw Buhari’s daughters. But will his cows be able to form a herd w...

Dr. Damages Show -Episode 184: Exits Jonathan, Enters Buhari

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As Nigerians agonize under the weight of fuel shortage, no light, no salary, outgoing President Goodluck Jonathan finally asks for forgiveness. But he does not say what he wants Nigerians to forgive him for. Dr. Damag...

Dr. Damages Show Episode 183 – On Pregnancy & Lamentations Of Pres. Jonathan

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Something humongous made a public intellectual to ask if Dr. Reuben Abati was pregnant. In a bid to help out brother Pius Adesanmi, Dr. Damages deploys his remote ultrasound machine to reveal, for the first time, what...

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