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Doctor Damages Episode 119 (Dr. Damages’ Predictions for 2014)

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As the world rolls into 2014, Prophets, Gurus, and Juju men are making predictions on what will happen in 2014. Dr. Damages joins in that booming business of predictions in the form of the Top Ten Predictions of 2014....

Dr. Damages Show- Episode 210: Dasuki’s Men And The $2.1bn Arms Scam

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In America it has become One Week, One Mass Killing. Dr. Damages thinks that Mass Killing is America’s own disability. With the help of his crackreporters, Dr. Damages brings you the reaction of terrorists each time a...

Dr. Damages – Episode 5

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Dr. Damages – Episode 37

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In episode #37, Dr. Damages explains the sentencing of Nigerian ex-governor James Ibori. He also lists the Top 10 Mistakes Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala Committed In Her Quest To Become The Next President of the World Bank. Dr....

Doctor Damages Episode 70

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A big calamity befell our dear Dr. Damages at the eve of the New Year. As a result, he missed the ball drop at Times Square. In his 70th episode, Dr. Damages explains. While everyone spent the New Year eve praying to ...

Doctor Damages Episode 105 (President Jonathan Visits Dr. Damages)

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New York finally takes on its number one douche bag, Donald Trump. Dr. Damages explains why the state of New York is suing Donald Trump for running the Trump University that doesn't deliver on its promises. An Indian ...

President Goodluck Jonathan Writes God

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Thanks to social media, the #Bringbackourgirls campaign finally gets to Nigeria's president, Goodluck Jonathan. The buck stops at his desk, you should think. Think again.

Dr. Damages Ep. 171: Jesus Endorses Goodluck Jonathan For President

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Though the 2015 election has been rescheduled, the endorsements are still pouring in. Wole Soyinka, the Economist magazine, Olusegun Obasanjo etc. But the endorsement that beats the rest was Jesus' endorsement of Pres...

Dr. Damages Show –Episode 207: Introducing Buhari’s Super Ministers

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While some people in the world are fighting terrorism, Americans are fighting over what picture should be on a cup of coffee. The world is going crazy. It is obvious today but it has been obvious for quite a while. Yo...

Dr. Damages – Episode 16

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Dr. Damages – Episode 48

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This week, Dr. Damages  goes behind the scene to show you how Americans and non-Americans declared their right to pursue happiness as part of the 4th of July Independence Day celebration.  Men like US Supreme Court Ch...

Doctor Damages Episode 81

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Everyone aspiring to be one of the world's most important people was at the Vatican to witness Pope Francis' installation. Dr. Damages goes behind the scene to explain the special reasons why the likes of Joe Biden, D...

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