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Doctor Damages Episode 64

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Hurricane Sandy hits New York City and swallows the original script of Dr. Damages show --episode 64. In this replacement episode, Dr. Damages relays how he wrestled with Sandy when she came into his home. While the g...

Dr. Damages – Episode 23

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A special message from Doctor Damages. Special appearances by President Goodluck Jonathan and Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala.

Dr. Damages – Episode 2

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Diagnosing Nigeria's sickness, Dr. Njakiri Damages talked about why former president Obasanjo may need a DNA test, why Bukola Saraki is still living in government house after his tenure, and much more.

Dr. Damages Show 130 (Top Ten Things Overheard At Jonathan’s Visit With Pope Francis)

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Do you feel that your president is being abused and insulted, by the opposition? Oh yeah! Has anyone compared him to a trained ape? No? So, relax. Last week at the Vatican, Pope Frances was reluctant to let Mrs. Pa...

Dr. Damages – Episode 49

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This week, Dr. Damages shows you why Africans in America are leaning towards voting for Mitt Romney instead of President Barack Obama. He also profiles the number one ghost worker in all of Nigeria, Mrs. Patience Jona...

Dr. Damages – Episode 19

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Dr. Damages Show – Episode 237: Buratai A General And A Money Management Guru

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SUBSCRIBE TODAY! By now you know that you can save your salary and buy a mansion in Dubai. But how? Dr. Damages reveals the training that Nigerian generals take that turns t...

Doctor Damages Episode 114(Top Ten Dr. Damages’ Prescriptions that Healed Pres. Jonathan)

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As President Barack Obama's poll numbers fall, Rapper Kanye West reignites his beef with the president. Dr. Damages explains why a baby mama is at the center of the conflict between Kanye West and Pres. Obama. It's Th...

Dr. Damages Show Eps. 226: How Saraki, Amaechi, Fashola & Others Milk Nigeria Dry

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They bear titles like ex-commissioner, ex-speaker, ex-governor and ex-senator. The retirement packages they pushed through and signed into law for themselves are phenomenal. Dr. Damages reveals how these current and r...

Doctor Damages Show Episode 113 (Special coverage of the Anambra State election)

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As Obamacare crumbles, Americans are moving on with a search for their next president. Dr. Damages explains why Americans are zeroing in on an elephant. The U.S. States Department names Boko Haram a foreign terrorist ...

Doctor Damages Episode 115(After the Tributes, then what?)

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On Damages Show this week, the good doctor pays tribute to South Africa's first black president Nelson Mandela. He asks the most important question, after the tributes, then what? He wonders why former Nigerian presid...

Dr. Damages Episode Ep 203: A Special Tribute To Alamieyeseigha

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As a good Africa who still retains his humanity when too many Africans have lost theirs, Dr. Damages pays a special tribute to the former governor of Bayelsa State, DSP Alamieyeseigha, who died last week of heart atta...

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