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Dr. Damages – Episode 16

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Doctor Damages Episode 91

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You must have heard that President Goodluck Jonathan missed his speaking slot at the 50th anniversary of the founding of the Organization of African Unity (OAU) in Addis Ababa. But do you know what the president was d...

Dr. Damages – Episode 60

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If you watched the U.S. Presidential debate you must have seen Mitt Ronmey smack around President Obama's behind. Dr. Damages reveals why the smack down is the final manifestation of that divine Mormon belief that Jes...

Dr. Damages Show Episode 183 – On Pregnancy & Lamentations Of Pres. Jonathan

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Something humongous made a public intellectual to ask if Dr. Reuben Abati was pregnant. In a bid to help out brother Pius Adesanmi, Dr. Damages deploys his remote ultrasound machine to reveal, for the first time, what...

Dr. Damages Ep. 151 (Jonathan, Oyakihlome & Nigerian Soldiers In Tactical Maneuvers)

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While Boko Haram is grabbing more territories and adding them to their caliphate, President Goodluck Jonathan traveled to Germany for “a well-deserved rest.” At the same time, 400 Nigerian soldiers fighting Boko Haram...

Denrele Delivers A Special Package To President Goodluck Jonathan

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While President Goodluck Jonathan is making a phone call to the German chancellor, trying to retrieve shoes he forgot during his last visit, Denrele delivers a special package to him. What is in the box? The president...

Doctor Damages Episode 89

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The stars over Washington are lining up against President Barack Obama. Dr. Damages gives you a permutation that may turn things up in favor of Nigeria when the Messiah returns home to Africa in time for the 2015 elec...

Dr. Damages Episode 173: Jonathan Vs. Buhari. Injury Time

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Dogs at New York Westminister Dog Show are more scrutinized than candidates running for president in Nigeria. It baffles Dr. Damages. Finally, the good doctor listened to you all and stopped his stupidity of compar...

Dr. Damages Show: Episode 167 Election 2015: Our Pastors Have Gone Mad Again

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Election 2015 campaign is on. And your good doctor, Dr. Damages, is deep into it. According to Governor Akpabio of Akwa Ibom State, despite the accomplishments of the ruling PDP, party leaders are quiet, not flaunt...

Doctor Damages Episode 121(Top Ten Surprises in the Anti-gay Bill Signed by Pres. Jonathan)

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The mayor of New York causes an uproar when he eats pizza with knife and fork and Dr. Damages teaches him how to properly eat pizza. Dr. Damages makes his routine check in with Pope Francis. You know there is trouble ...

Dr. Damages – Episode 19

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Doctor Damages Episode 84

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Margaret Thatcher, the first political leader who didn't give a damn about the 47% passed away this week. Dr. Damages explores the reactions to her death and what it means for other politicians who do not care for the...

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