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Dr. Damages Episode159 (Unnecessary Disagreement Caused Biafra Civil War, Says Jonathan)

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The 2015 election is heating up. Polls are coming out, left and right, and Dr. Damages is not sitting down watching. He keeps you updated on what the polls are saying and the most definitive poll to watch out for- the...

Dr. Damages Episode 85

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What a bad week to be a Kenyan in America! Kenya's playground in America, the Boston Marathon, was bombed. And their brother in the White House received a poisoned letter. Dr. Damages reacts by cancelling his planned ...

Doctor Damages Episode 86

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Five living American presidents met in Dallas for the dedication of President George W. Bush's presidential library. Dr. Damages goes behind the scene to tell you the only thing those men agreed on. You probably must ...

Doctor Damages Episode 116 (Olusegun Obasanjo’s Love Letter to Pres. Goodluck Jonathan)

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Whatever you do, don't get Michele Obama mad. Pres. Obama found that out the hard way. A selfie is not just a selfie if it involves a blonde. Dr. Damages explains why a selfie at Nelson Mandela's memorial in South Afr...

Dr. Damages Show -Episode 184: Exits Jonathan, Enters Buhari

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As Nigerians agonize under the weight of fuel shortage, no light, no salary, outgoing President Goodluck Jonathan finally asks for forgiveness. But he does not say what he wants Nigerians to forgive him for. Dr. Damag...

Doctor Damages Episode 87

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Dr. Damages visits to show you the top three surprising suitors hoping to win the love of New York millionaire Martha Stewart. Did Barack Obama rip off Dr. Damages' joke in his performance at the White House...

Dr. Damages Eps. 168: Jonathan Vs. Buhari: Who’s Up, Who’s Down

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South African politician, Julius Malema called President Jonathan’s handling of Baga killing of over 2000 Nigerians (vis-à-vis his reaction to the terrorists attack in Paris)  “irresponsible leadership.” Dr. Damages d...

Doctor Damages Show Episode 113 (Special coverage of the Anambra State election)

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As Obamacare crumbles, Americans are moving on with a search for their next president. Dr. Damages explains why Americans are zeroing in on an elephant. The U.S. States Department names Boko Haram a foreign terrorist ...

Dr. Damages Episode 3

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The latest segment on Sahara TV, Dr. Njakiri Damages takes you beyond the Nigerian media to diagnose Nigeria's sickness and suggest treatments. He is a doctor with a hammer. This week, he discusses why President Goodl...

Dr. Damages Show| Episode 103 (On red lines and imploding parties)

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We all watched Obama draw a red line on Syria. President Assad has crossed Obama's red line. Dr. Damages tells us what happens next! Nigeria's ruling party, the PDP prepares a table for President Jonathan in front of ...

Dr. Damages – Episode 20

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Dr. Damages Show Eps. 196: Before You Set Another Petty Thief On Fire, Think Of These N120BN Thieves

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Chances are that somewhere in Nigeria, a petty thief is set ablaze every day for snatching a woman’s handbag or stealing a woman pot of soup or something petty. But the real thieves are those who snatch billions of Na...

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