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Dr. Damages Show –Episode 186: APC Girls @ War: Winners & Losers

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I bet you know about President Buhari’s trip to the G-7 meeting in West Germany, sorry, Germany. But do you know the top two wishes he went with- wishes he presented to President Obama and President Michelle? Dr. Dama...

Doctor Damages Episode 83

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You must have heard that as part of Easter festivities Pope Francis washed the feet of prisoners. But did you know that one of the prisoners was James Ibori? Dr. Damages shows you what happened when the Pope bent down...

Doctor Damages Episode 119 (Dr. Damages’ Predictions for 2014)

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As the world rolls into 2014, Prophets, Gurus, and Juju men are making predictions on what will happen in 2014. Dr. Damages joins in that booming business of predictions in the form of the Top Ten Predictions of 2014....

Doctor Damages Episode 114(Top Ten Dr. Damages’ Prescriptions that Healed Pres. Jonathan)

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As President Barack Obama's poll numbers fall, Rapper Kanye West reignites his beef with the president. Dr. Damages explains why a baby mama is at the center of the conflict between Kanye West and Pres. Obama. It's Th...

Dr. Damages Show — episode 143 (When Nigeria becomes as old as United States)

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When Nigeria is 238 years as an independent nation, some 184 years from now, we know for sure that Tuface Dibia's great grandchildren would have constituted a local government area of their own.  But come 2198, what a...

Dr. Damages – Episode 4

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Dr. Damages – Episode 38

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In episode 38, Dr. Njakiri Damages looked at the connection between the oil subsidy scandal in Nigeria and hired protesters, some of whom are protesting while stark naked. He explains why Nigerian ex-governor James Ib...

Dr. Damages – Episode 51

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You have seen President Obama kiss Michelle Obama on Kiss Cam at the US Olympic basketball game with team Brazil. But have you seen President Jonathan try to do the same with Patience? Then watch! Dr. Damages also rev...

Dr. Damages Show| Episode 103 (On red lines and imploding parties)

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We all watched Obama draw a red line on Syria. President Assad has crossed Obama's red line. Dr. Damages tells us what happens next! Nigeria's ruling party, the PDP prepares a table for President Jonathan in front of ...

Dr. Damages Ep. 209 – Top Ten Reasons To Be Thankful In This Holiday Season.

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Dr. Damages presents the top ten reasons to be thankful in this holiday season. Why is he thankful that the Pope visited Africa? Why is he thankful that Putin is Russia's president and not Boris Yeltsin? Why is he tha...

Dr. Damages episode 133, On Drowning & Dancing Presidents

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While New York City police wants to be your friend, Nigerian police is already your friend. And they have a muddy video to prove it. If Vladimir Putin is drowning, Obama will save him. If Goodluck Jonathan is drowning...

Dr. Damages’ Elevator Brawl With Mama Udoka

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Following the rumor about what caused the brawl between rap star Jay Z and Solange, Beyonce's sister, Mama Udoka makes an unscheduled visit to Dr. Damages' clinic. Here is what happened in the elevator between Dr. Dam...

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