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Doctor Damages Episode 104 (On yeye tears for yeye ministers)

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It's important to be grateful to people that saved your behind. But Obama wasn't grateful to Putin who saved his behind on Syria. Being the man he is, Putin did not let it slide. Dr. Damages reveals Putin's revenge. P...

Doctor Damages Episode 107(Ft. Jim Iyke’s latest movie: “In Bed with T.B. Joshua.”)

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As the new American civil war rages on in Washington between the two major tribes, Republicans and Democrats, Dr. Damages brings you the Top Ten Things that are good about government shutdown. Pope Francis marches on ...

Doctor Damages Episode 109 (Of Stella Oduah & Other Scandals, stale & stirred)

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Dr. Damages Show -- episode 109 (Of Stella Oduah & Other Scandals, stale and stirred) Dr. Damages reveals the secret behind President Obama's surrender to Tea Party Republicans in the U.S. government shutdown. ...

“No One Should Be Praying For Nigeria” -Dr. Damages Uncut On The Streets Of Lagos

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Dr. Damages, the renowned political satire doctor was on the street of Lagos to diagnose the health of Nigerians as they are afflicted by the ailing economy, Olympic games failures, and a host of other topical issues.

Damage Control (Dr. Damages Asks Americans to Sign a Petition in Support of Polygamy)

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You asked for it. Dr. Damages delivers: Will Americans sign a petition to compel President Obama to allow polygamy in America in exchange for Africans allowing gay marriages in Africa? Dr. Damages goes onto the street...

Denrele Delivers A Special Package To President Goodluck Jonathan

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While President Goodluck Jonathan is making a phone call to the German chancellor, trying to retrieve shoes he forgot during his last visit, Denrele delivers a special package to him. What is in the box? The president...

Doctor Damages Episode 100!!!!

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In this landmark episode President Goodluck Jonathan visits Dr. Damages to celebrate his 100th episode. During the visit, the president meets Mazi Anu Nti, a recent deportee from Lagos state to New York City. Dr. Dama...

Doctor Damages Episode 102 (The Things Bad Teachers Do)

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Pope Emeritus Benedict this week said that it was God who told him to resign. The question that begs for an answer is why. Dr. Damages probes the reason why God asked him to resign. Dr. Phil needs a shrink after he se...

Doctor Damages Episode 105 (President Jonathan Visits Dr. Damages)

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New York finally takes on its number one douche bag, Donald Trump. Dr. Damages explains why the state of New York is suing Donald Trump for running the Trump University that doesn't deliver on its promises. An Indian ...

Doctor Damages Episode 106 (Highlights from the 68th UN General Assembly)

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In this special edition of Dr. Damages Show, the good doctor presents the highlights from the 68th UN General Assembly, including the diplomatic and undiplomatic gist. Dr. Damages x-rays Present Jonathan's meeting wit...

Doctor Damages Episode 108(On Actions and Inactions of God)

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Ten days into government shutdown in America, Dr. Damages breaks it down to its lowest denomination- pastors, pistols and pork chops. As French hotels start conducting social science research, Dr. Damages warns patron...

Doctor Damages Episode 110 (Top Ten Reasons Why Stella Oduah Has Not Been Fired)

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Ted Cruz, the junior Republican senator from the state of Texas got a tongue lashing from Dr. Damages for bashing Nigerian yahoo yahoo boys. Damages shows what the 419 boys have in common with the Tea Party nuts in Am...

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