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“The Break With Tracy”: Chad Bombings, Kenya’s President Criticized, and Donald Trump To Ban Muslims

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SUBSCRIBE TODAY! Kenya's President, Uhuru Kenyatta criticized for numerous international travel, update on Lake Chad Bombings,  and Donald Trump's plan to ban all Muslims from USA.

“The Break” With Tracy: Africa’s Most Scandalous First Ladies (Eps. 10)

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This week on "The Break", Tracy names her pick of Africa's most scandalous first ladies. Behind every good man is a great woman, right? And Africa is fortunate enough to have some amazing first ladies - true! But some...

The Break With Tracy: Why Journalists Are Being Jailed In Ethiopia

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Why Are So Many Journalist Being Jailed In Ethiopia? SUBSCRIBE TODAY!

Nigeria Fuel Price Now At N145 Per Litre -The Break

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The Federal Government announced the removal of subsidy on petrol, meaning that Nigerians will now have to buy the product for N145 per litre.

“The Break” With Tracy: Africa’s Latest Dance Crazes, Eps. 11

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This week on "The Break", Tracy looks at Africa's latest dance trends. African culture - especially music and dance - is highly sought after globally. And for many people around the world African culture is being expe...

The Break With Tracy: Is This Woman Wearing Blackface?

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A journalist from Hungary photoshopped herself into tribal African woman. Many people are offended. What do you think? Is this blackface or not?

How African Presidents Cling To Power -The Break

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With some important elections taking place in Africa in 2016, SaharaTV explores the five ways that some African presidents are able to hold onto to power.

“The Break” With Tracy: Top African President’s Kids Living Large (Eps.12)

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This week on "The Break" Tracy takes a look at current African president's children who have the most extravagant lifestyles. In Africa today, many first children aren't exactly role models. Some are simply spoiled an...

The Break With Tracy: Lassa Virus Outbreak In Nigeria

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The Lassa virus has affected nearly 100 people throughout various states in Nigeria and so far killed 41 with the number steady increasing . The government is hoping to put the curable disease in check before more dea...

Most Controversial African Films (2013): “The Break” with Tracy

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From Senegal to Cameroon - SaharaTV's, Tracy Thompson shares her top 5 must see controversial African films for 2013. Watch to find out what they are!

“The Break” With Tracy: Africa’s Bloodiest Rebel Leaders (Eps.13)

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This week on "The Break" Tracy looks at Africa's most dangerous rebel leaders. Today, at every turn a new African rebel group is waging jihad or some type of religious war. They couldn't exist though, if it were not f...

The Break With Tracy: African Attacks In India Causing Outrage

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SUBSCRIBE TODAY! A Tanzanian woman's mob attack is causing many to question the realities of racism in India.

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