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Nigeria Fuel Price Now At N145 Per Litre -The Break

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The Federal Government announced the removal of subsidy on petrol, meaning that Nigerians will now have to buy the product for N145 per litre.

“The Break” With Tracy: African Ladies To Watch In 2014 (Eps. 18)

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This week on "The Break," Tracy takes a look at some of Africa's youngest, and inspiring ladies living on the continent, and in the Diaspora. Highlight the women in your circle today! Share them with Tracy! CONN...

David Cameron’s “Fantastically Corrupt” Comment Sparks Uproar -The Break

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Prime Minister David Cameron's gaff caused quite a frenzy on social media this week,  but how accurate were his comments? Gabrielle breaks it all down in this new episode.

The Break With Tracy: Inside Nigeria’s 2016 Budget

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SUBSCRIBE TODAY! Deeper details of Nigeria's 2016 budget have been revealed with many people questioning the need for certain outlandish budget allocations for public offici...

“The Break” With Tracy: Africa’s All-Time Most Notorious Dictators PT.2

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This week on "The Break" Tracy continues her list of Africa's all-time most notorious and dangerous dictators. She looks at those who held on to power, those who were involved in outrageous corruption and human rights...

How African Presidents Cling To Power -The Break

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With some important elections taking place in Africa in 2016, SaharaTV explores the five ways that some African presidents are able to hold onto to power.

“The Break” With Tracy: Africa’s Most Controversial Pastors

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This Week on the "The Break", Tracy discusses Africa's most controversial pastors. It's no doubt that African's have an admirable faith - to either Allah or Jesus. And because of this unshakable faith some religious l...

“The Break” With Tracy: Africa’s Greatest Leaders, RIP Nelson Mandela

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This week on the break with Tracy, she honors Nelson Mandela who died on December 5th after a long battle with a lung infection. She also takes a look at other great African leaders, who like Mandela, contributed to t...

The Break With Tracy: Fashion Styles Of African Leaders

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There's a new fashion line for Robert Mugabe, President of Zimbabwe. Could Mugabe be the latest fashion icon leading the way for other African leaders?

“The Break” With Tracy: Top African President’s Kids Living Large (Eps.12)

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This week on "The Break" Tracy takes a look at current African president's children who have the most extravagant lifestyles. In Africa today, many first children aren't exactly role models. Some are simply spoiled an...

“The Break” With Tracy: Africa’s Top Self Made Billionaires (Eps. 14)

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This week on "The Break", Tracy looks at Africa's top self made billionaires. She goes deeper into the background of these men and discover the stories and secrets that led to their massive wealth and success. You may...

The Break With Tracy: South African Virginity Test Slammed By Activists

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SUBSCRIBE TODAY! A South African mayor is being heavily criticized for providing scholarships for young girls who proved to be virgins.

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