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The Break With Tracy: Is This Woman Wearing Blackface?

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A journalist from Hungary photoshopped herself into tribal African woman. Many people are offended. What do you think? Is this blackface or not?

The Break With Tracy: Lassa Virus Outbreak In Nigeria

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The Lassa virus has affected nearly 100 people throughout various states in Nigeria and so far killed 41 with the number steady increasing . The government is hoping to put the curable disease in check before more dea...

Somali Refugee Sets Herself On Fire

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Outrage sparked on social media this week after a Somali asylum seeker in Australia set herself on fire to protest her detention at Nauru detention camp. Watch "The Break" for more details on this story.

“The Break” With Tracy: Africa’s Top Self Made Billionaires (Eps. 14)

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This week on "The Break", Tracy looks at Africa's top self made billionaires. She goes deeper into the background of these men and discover the stories and secrets that led to their massive wealth and success. You may...

African Music With A Mission: “The Break” with Tracy

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Check out this section of the "The Break" starring Tracy. This week she  provides her top 5 musicians whose music inspires activism in Africa. These artists are using their platforms to either inform African communiti...

The Break With Tracy: Inside Nigeria’s 2016 Budget

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SUBSCRIBE TODAY! Deeper details of Nigeria's 2016 budget have been revealed with many people questioning the need for certain outlandish budget allocations for public offici...

“The Break” With Tracy: Africa’s Top Dangerous Countries For Journalists

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This week on "The Break", Tracy calls out the top 10 dangerous African countries for journalist. It's 2014, yet several African countries are still stagnant and many journalists and media professional in some parts of...

“The Break” With Tracy: Africa’s All-Time Most Notorious Dictators PT.2

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This week on "The Break" Tracy continues her list of Africa's all-time most notorious and dangerous dictators. She looks at those who held on to power, those who were involved in outrageous corruption and human rights...

“The Break” With Tracy: Africa’s Worst Presidents

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This week on "The Break" Tracy counts down some of Africa's worst current sitting Presidents. See why she thinks these leaders have failed. Who's on your list?! Email: ww...

“The Break” With Tracy: Africa’s Funniest Comedians

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This week on "The Break" Tracy takes a look at some of Africa's funniest comedians, representing the continent through humor. Who's on your list? Share them with me! And don't forget to share your funniest African jok...

Cross-Dressing And Male Beauty Pageant In Ivory Coast

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SUBSCRIBE TODAY! The Miss Woubi beauty pageant in Ivory Coast aims to break down social norms and promote all forms of gender expression and sexual orientation in the west A...

“The Break” With Tracy: Africa’s Greatest Leaders, RIP Nelson Mandela

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This week on the break with Tracy, she honors Nelson Mandela who died on December 5th after a long battle with a lung infection. She also takes a look at other great African leaders, who like Mandela, contributed to t...

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