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On this episode we covered the first ever miss Nigeria event and got a glimpse and preview of what it was like, we wish we could show you more but you have to click play!. Twitter: @TheNneandIkeShow Instagram: @Th...

Everyday People NYC x OkayAfrica Event: The Nne And Ike Show Eps. 2

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On this week's episode, Nne and Ike attended the Everyday People brunch, a monthly New York City event. The brunch was a collaboration between the brunch's organizers and OkayAfrica, a website which has the mission of...

6 Reasons Why We Love Nigerian Mothers

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In this video, we ran back in time and used some of our earlier experiences in life with our mothers and the ups and down and funny moments that made all of it a fun and beautiful experience growing up.

The Nne And Ike Show Presents: An AFRICAN VALENTINE

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In this episode, The Nne and Ike Show present to you a short film on one of the most popular holidays of the year. A young woman is so desperate for a Valentine's Day that she's willing to do anything, just so she can...

The Nne And IKe Show: WOMAN CAN BE SEXIST TOO (Part One)

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In this episode Nne and Ike explore the various ways in which women...yes women can shockingly be sexist against MEN!??, its just satirical humore with some facts but please do enjoy. Twitter: @TheNneandIkeSho...

The Nne And Ike Show Updates! 11/7/2014

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HERE'S A QUICK UPDATE ON: EBOLA, WhatsApp recent updates, racist tweets by comedian Artie Lang to ESPN reporter, Jay-z expands his empire, Republicans win the Senate, Obama under scrutiny and much more. Twitter: @N...

The NNE And IKE Show: Fashion Week Coverage (Part One)

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On this episode, Nne and Ike take on the new york fashion week and track down some diasporans involved in this international fashion event, with highlights, questionnaires and African inspired outfits. Be sure to l...


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In this episode we basically break down the pronunciation differences  between african parents and their kids. we used random words as examples to hear the different pronunciations of african parents. Twitter: @The...

“KKK Wants Black People to Join Their Group” and so much More!: Nne and Ike Update 15/11/14

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Your favorite hosts are back with their weekly news updates! This week 11/9/14-11/14/14 Kim Kardashian goes nude for a cover, Khloe Kardashian makes a racist KKK comment, KKK want people of more ethnicities to join...

The Nne And Ike Show: Fashion Week Coverage (#NYFW)

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The Nne and Ike Show covered Mercedes Benz Fashion Week held in NYC. Take a look at the stylish, fashionable people we interviewed! Enjoy! @IkeSlimster @NnesCorner

The Nne And Ike Show: Nigerian Proverbs Translation

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On this Nne and Ike Show: "Know Your Culture" episode, Nne and Ike go through a list of Nigerian Proverbs in a comedic style. Enjoy. Stay Connected with us! Twitter: @TheNneandIkeShow Instagram: @TheNneandIkeShow...

Man SLAPS Woman On The F Train!!! African Review (VIRAL)

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We've all seen this viral video on the F train of this woman taunting a man, and even has the audacity to slap him. He reacts back, and its NOT PRETTY. Your favorite hosts and entertainers reviews and share our take o...

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