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Dr. Damages Ep. 151 (Jonathan, Oyakihlome & Nigerian Soldiers In Tactical Maneuvers)

While Boko Haram is grabbing more territories and adding them to their caliphate, President Goodluck Jonathan traveled to Germany for “a well-deserved rest.” At the same time, 400 Nigerian soldiers fighting Boko Haram paused from their fight to visit Cameroon to pee. It was a season of tactical maneuvers. Dr. Damages maneuvered his way to bring them all to you. Because of his sharp instinct, Dr. Damages can sense a tactical maneuver from a mile. Last week, Pastor Christ Oyakhilome declared that many pastors would go to hell. It was a sign of trouble in Paradise. Dr. Damages picks up on it to expand on his warning about the business of marketing God to African people. Mazi Anu Nti stops by the clinic to felicitate with Dr. Damages on his 150th episode. We were almost down with Ebola until Port Harcourt opens up a new front. A potential Ebola patient visits Dr. Damages’ clinic. Dr. Damages and Tomato Jos react in a cool manner.

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