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Whenever Nigeria is mentioned, little Ghana brings out the best of her garagara. But when America dumped two Guantanamo Prisoners from Yemen in Ghana, everyone in Ghana was asking why and saying, not even Nigeria would do something that stupid. Dr. Damages shows you President John Mahama’s tortured explanation and a pastor who has the secret key to understanding Ghana.

What is more embarrassing to a DSS officer protecting a Nigerian big man? To have principal keep on a dirty shoe, after stepping inside a pool of dirt or to bend down and clean the dirt? Dr. Damages explain the psychology of the whole affair.

President Jonathan receives another award in far away America, solidifying his place in history as the hero of democracy. Dr. Damages mocks those who are in resolute denial of the man’s heroism. And then, he did something only Dr. Damages can do. What did Dr. Damages do and how does that change the meaning of Jonathan’s latest award?

Everyone has an opinion as to why the spokesman of the ruling PDP, Olisa Metuh, goes to court in handcuffs. Dr. Damages goes deep, beyond the pictures to reveal the real secret behind the treatment Olisa Metuh is getting from the courts and the EFCC.

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