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Dr. Damages Episode 173: Jonathan Vs. Buhari. Injury Time

Dogs at New York Westminister Dog Show are more scrutinized than candidates running for president in Nigeria. It baffles Dr. Damages.

Finally, the good doctor listened to you all and stopped his stupidity of comparing Nigeria’s young democracy to America’s 250-year-old democracy. Then, he shifts to South Africa and asks: What will it take to get Senator Babafemi Ojudu to challenge President Goodluck Jonathan in his face the way South African MP Mmusi Maimane challenged Pres. Jacob Zuma right in Parliament? What will it take to get Senator David Mark to stop trembling in front of President Jonathan and lead the senate to challenge the executive? Dr. Damages looks at where South African democracy differs from Nigeria’s democracy.

There was applause last week for Mrs. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala after she announced how she saved Nigeria N208 bn by flushing out ghost workers. Dr. Damages asks her what happened to the money saved. You can never guess her answer.

At the campaign trail, it is injury time. Former President Olusegun Obasanjo is injured. So is Gen. Muhammadu Buhari, now cooling off in London. In Okirika, the home town of Patience Jonathan, we witnessed the sign of who is leading the assault. Dr. Damages gives you an update on where the campaign stands.

What is Pres. Obama doing while Ukraine is burning? And why does Pope Francis think you may be selfish? These and more in this episode of your Dr. Damages Show. On his email segment, answers the question: “Is APC sponsoring you?”

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