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As Nigeria’s political season ends, America’s political season begins. Hilary Clinton is running for president. But to get to the White House, she needs to cross a Bush. Dr. Damages outlines how she can deploy the cigar man to scale through.

As poor South Africans unleash their frustrations on their poor African brothers and sisters, Dr. Damages agonizes about the lack of adults at home across various African capitals. The good doctor painstakingly highlights how the South African situation affects the lives of black people in America and beyond.

Dr. Damages discovers that most Nigerians want the President-elect Muhammadu Buhari to succeed. Some go to the extent of creating myths around the man. As a caring physician, Dr. Damages presents the top ten myths about Buhari on Social media.

President Obama would have been in Nigeria for Buhari’s inauguration if not for something that happened during his visit to Jamaica. Dr. Damages explains the mystery of the Jamaican lady in yellow and other stories.

This week’s “Secrets of Pictures” features Diezani Allison Madueke. Don’t jump into conclusions… it does not involve political asylum. The doctor also gives you the news headlines and answers your emails.

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