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Presidents of nowadays are something else. In our own eyes, Buhari embraces Baba-Go-Slow while Obama embraces Kenya.

Because Obama knew that we would say that he went to Kenya to look for his original birth certificate, he made fun of it as if it wasn’t true. And because Buhari knew that we would make fun of him making lopsided appointments so far, he told us in all honesty that some of us are the 5 percenters while others are 97 percenters.

In this special edition, Dr. Damages goes behind the scenes in Nairobi, Kenya, and in Washington DC, to bring you unseen footages and hidden intrigues of the two presidential visits.

To fully understand the weight of President Buhari’s visit to Washington DC, Dr. Damages compares it with President Jonathan’s visit to Washington DC in 2010. From the length of the red carpets to the size of the tummies of their delegations, Dr. Damages delves into what goal was set and what was achieved.

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