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To probe or not to probe is not the question. How to probe and how not to probe is the essence of the question.

In Nigeria, the drum of war is sounding; war on corruption. We keep hearing that the war is coming but we haven’t seen soldiers in action. Even before the soldiers hit the road, there is anxiety across the verandas of the political elite. To quell that anxiety, the National Peace Committee enters the arena. Dr. Damages follows them and tells you what is really behind their mission.

The fear of a probe makes former President Jonathan to secretly meet with President Buhari. Dr. Damages brings you the riveting transcript of that meeting.

The man who upgraded former Lagos State Governor Babatunde Fashola’s website for $400, 000 offers to build Dr. Damages’ website. You won’t believe how much he is charging and why?

Without factoring their numerous allowances, Dr. Damages calculates how much the salaries of senators and members of the House of Representatives cost Nigeria. If it doesn’t make you dizzy, nothing else will.

Boko Haram has a new leader. Or do they?

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