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The great Trent online newspaper named former President Goodluck Jonathan the man of the year 2015? Dr. Damages tells you the real reason behind that great honor. Once you hear it, you will join in rejoicing.

If you believe Trent online newspaper, President Buhari will be spending N1.7 Billion on food in 2016. Dr. Damages puts on his investigative journalism hat to probe why Buhari’s Aso Rock may be more expensive than Jonathan’s Aso Rock.

As a public service, Dr. Damages puts on his onyokometer to guide you on the changes to expect in the New Year and how to make it a great one. Before you listen to the prophets, listen to Dr. Damages as he breaks it down for you.

The good doctor also breaks down Father Mbaka’s visit to Buhari in Aso Rock and what that means for Buhari and Nigeria in 2016.

Of course, the doctor answers your emails and tells you news making headlines across Nigeria this week.

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