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For a moment, Nigeria’s 2016 Budget vanished last week. Was it withdrawn or was it kidnapped? Dr. Damages goes beyond the rumors to bring you the real truth about what happened. He even throws in CCTV footage of the operation. And what else is missing in Nigeria? Forget about the missing budget, Dr. Damages exposes the most important document that has recently vanished.

African leaders gathered to watch U.S. President Barack Obama’s final State of the Union address. Dr. Damages tells you what they think of Obama’s performance. Meanwhile, something Obama said about Africa in his final State of the Union address made Dr. Damages mad. What is it and how is Dr. Damages dealing with it?

Switzerland is sending another $300 million to Nigeria from the never-ending Sani Abacha loot. Last time the money came, the then minister of finance, Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala handed the money over to Dasuki. What will happen to this new installment? Will the current minister of finance let another Dasuki grab the money? Dr. Damages tells you why it is not likely to happen and it is not for the reason that you think.

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