Added by on July 19, 2016

The US Republican convention is on. Dr. Damages looks into the crystal ball and reveals how Donald Trump will completely finish America starting this week.

In our own eyes the world is being transformed. Women are taking over from London to Berlin and from Berlin to Washington DC. Dr. Damages asks a vital question: How will men who have difficulties shaking women’s hands survive in this new world?

Zimbabwean pastor takes on President Robert Mugabe and shuts down the country. His supporters storm the court and secure his release. Dr. Damages guides you on how to use the Zimbabwean pastor as a point of contact to evaluate the usefulness of your pastors and your Imams.

As Dino Melaye goes mad again, Dr. Damages opens his medical books to diagnose his special case of psychosis. The good doctor explains why Remi Tinubu became a trigger for Dino’s psychosis.

Buharimeter this week declares that President Buhari has finally fulfilled one campaign promise out of many. Dr. Damages captures the moment and gives hope that other promises may be fulfilled.

The good doctor also answers your emails and presents to you news headlines.

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