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Dr. Damages Show Eps. 196: Before You Set Another Petty Thief On Fire, Think Of These N120BN Thieves

Chances are that somewhere in Nigeria, a petty thief is set ablaze every day for snatching a woman’s handbag or stealing a woman pot of soup or something petty. But the real thieves are those who snatch billions of Naira from Nigeria’s treasury.

Case in point: the Nigerian National Assembly is set to squander N120bn in the next 12 months. Dr. Damages thinks that before you set another petty thief on fire, you should think of those senators who just collected N35 million for two months of hard work.

Meanwhile, Jesus of Zimbabwe is dead after attempting to outdo Jesus of Nazareth in fasting. Dr. Damages tells you what Kim Kardashian has to do with his death in the wilderness and how you can protect yourself.

Scientists at Ohio State University have produced a brain in the lab. Dr. Damages reveals a famous Nigerian politician already working on getting a new brain from the university.

If you are amongst the millions of Nigerians confused about what President Buhari plans are, Dr. Damages has come to your rescue.  In this episode, he presents a visual exploration of the Buhari Doctrine.

Pastor Kumuyi, founder of the Deeper Life Church, makes a confession. He talks about church doctrines he will destroy before he dies. You need to pay attention to Dr. Damages because some of them may destroy your life.

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