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Erykah Badu And The Afro-Japanese Collection








It is great to see that Givenchy used only women of color for his Spring 2014 collection.  Givenchy’s Spring 2014’s cameo model appearance is than Miss neo-soul singer Erykah Badu of Baduizm.

This collection is a mash-up of African and Japanese influences.  I personally love because I have a very close Japanese BFF whom I call my sister.  This collection is like both of our personality mashed-up together.  What is your opinion about the collection?



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Hey fashionistas, here’s an empowering Women’s Month forum March 20th  at Fordham University on 60 ST  NYC by ntumba.ntumba apparel (fashion-based organization that promotes gender-empowerment) with Donisha Prendergast grand-daughter of Rita and Bob Marley as headliner panelist.















About Ntumba Mukendi (Fashion Designer, Fashion Commentator and Founder of ntumba.ntumba apparel organization)

Congolese born Ntumba Mukendi is a fashion designer who previously worked at Tommy Hilfiger, then launched her own brand ntumba.ntumba design (www.ntumbantumbadesign.com).  Her company utilizes authentic African fabric to help boost the African economy.  Ntumba is also the founder of the fashion-based organization ntumba.ntumba apparel (www.ntumbantumba.org) which promotes gender-empowerment.  She was recently given the honors to provide the fashion commentaries for the African Diaspora Awards 2013 on the red carpet.


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