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Popular wife beater, Mr. Jude Izuakor was brought before court for inflicting grievous injuries on his wife and abandoning her with three children at a hospital in Festac Town, Lagos. He opted for option to reconcile and pleaded with his wife for a reunion. After going through traditional processes in the village for reconciliation with his wife, civil society organization, Women Arise, and his wife, Mrs. Gloria withdrew charges of assault and both were reunited at the court premises.

He said he’s now sober and will not repeat actions of domestic violence. Jude Izuakor also said he’s now an ambassador against domestic assaults on wives.

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  • okoye william 2 years ago

    I sincerely,was very bitter about how this man was over furious to have nearly taken this woman to her early grave,I suggest he could be face the full arm of the law,but there’s an adage that says to err is human but to forgive is define,let this be a warning to both husbands and wife’s over there,respect is reciprocal,accord it accordingly.