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Nigerians gather outside the New York Consulate to protest against Nigeria’s Anti-Social Media Bill.

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  • Kalakala Joe 2 years ago

    Nnamdi Kanu is a very dangerous person to Nigeria wellbeing today. He and his fanatics are illegally collecting hard-earned money from Ibos abroad in a pretense that they are buying weapons to use to fight Nigeria. Mr Kanu and his group are trafficking dangerous weapons with a plan to distablise Nigeria. M.K.O. Abiola, Ken Sarowiwa, Fela Ransom Kuti, etc. did not do what Mr Kanu has committed and they are unfortunately not alive today. Mr. Kanu and his group are serious threats to the security of Nigeria and it should be taken seriously. Mr Kanu wants to plunge Nigeria into another war and that is very danngerous. What they are committing are crimes that deserves trial before a Military Tribunal. If the Nigeria government does not deal with Mr Kanu and his groups with proportionate consequences, many others will do exactly the same. The best thing to do is transfer Mr Nnamdi Kanu to be tried before a military firearm tribunal since he and others are trafficking firearms as a plan to fight Nigeria Federal troops. Nnamdi Kanu has committed treason, mutiny and forgery and he deserves to face the military tribunal. He and his group could have achieved their Biafra dream if they had limited their demand within the boundaries of former Anambra and Imo States. The mistake the Ibos continue to make is the inclusion of the Niger Delta people in their Biafra dream. The Niger Delta people actually hate the Ibos more than the rest of Nigeria do. The Niger Delta people hate the Ibos so badly because of the ethnic and community cleansing and the oppressive decimation that the Biafra soldiers and the Eastern Region regime committed against the Delta region ppeople before and during the Nigerian civil war before Gen. Yakubu Gowon and Nigeria troops came to rescue them. Gen. Gowon is still highly honoured by the people of Delta region. So, the Ibos are making a mistake of wanting people that do not want them and that’s why they cannot achieve Biafra. Delta areas are the Niger Delta people and they are not Ibos. Most Niger Delta culture and traditions forbid the Ibos but tolerate their Yoruba ancestral connections. The Niger Delta do not want to have anything to do with the Ibos because most Niger Delta communities are pproud to trace their ancestral origins back to Oduduwa and Yoruba Kingdom. Also, the Niger Delta people themselves have a dream to gain their own independence as THE NIGER DELTA REPUBLIC some day. Right now, the Niger Delta people strongly believes in Gowonism of “ONE NIGERIA” and in a confederated Nigeria where the evils of WAZOBIA must be put to an end. In conclusion, it is better for the Ibos to simply ask for Biafra limiting their demand within the borders of former Imo and Anambra states only. The Ibos must stop including the Oil Delta areas in their struggle for Biafra. “Delta people are not Ibos, they are more connected to the Yorubas of Oduduwa kingdom.
    Dr Kalakala Joe