Added by on December 8, 2014

Sahara TV’s  Africa In The City Crew, Tracy And Her Videographer, Mohamed Captured This Video On Dec. 4 Of NYC Protestors Shutting Down A Major NYC Highway And Standing Up To NYC Cops. Protestors Are Demanding Cops End Police Brutality Against Black And Brown People In The US. The Protests Come As Reaction To A NYC Grand Jury Decision Not To Indict NY Cop Who Killed Staten Island Father #EricGarner Using An Illegal Chokehold. Protestors Were Chanting The Last Words Of #EricGarner “I Can’t Breathe” And “EricGarner MichealBrown Shut The Whole System Down”. Some Protestors Were Eventually Arrested In NYC’s Chinatown. During The Arrest Protestors, Comprised Of Various Ethnicities, Proudly Sang:

“I Still Hear My Brother Crying, I Can’t Breathe. Now I’m In The Struggle Saying, ‘I Can’t Leave.’ We’re Calling Out The Violence Of Racist Police. We Ain’t Gonna Stop ‘Til Our People Are Free….

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