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Doyin Okupe, Senior Special Assistant to President Jonathan on Public Affairs appeared on SaharaTV to address several issues within the Nigerian Government. At the onset of the interview Okupe paid tribute to African legend, Nelson Mandela. “Mandela was a great man, greater than most,” said Okupe. He also quailed rumors about statements he made referring to President Goodluck Jonathan as the Mandela of Nigeria. “Someone said on the web that I said President Jonathan is the Mandela of Nigeria…But the information was inaccurate,” explained Okupe. He went further to defend the current Nigerian Government’s efforts to move the country forward. “Nigeria is a work in progress. People must apprecite the little efforts that are being made. Nigeria is not a terrible place,” said Okupe. Surrounding the controversy over Pres. Jonathan declaring assets privately Okupe stated “President Jonathan declared his assets. He did not break any law. President Jonathan did say, ‘I do not give a damn’ but you have to look at the circumstances,” Okupe concluded.

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  • hello,

    Nice interview. I notice that Dr. Doyin avoided most of the questions and the interviewer did not have enough evidence to substantiate his question which allow “Doyin okupe” to hijack the interview . I will advice Shara TV get a video or audio evidence before every interview.

    lastly, DR. OKUPE answer on Asari dokubo question is not acceptable.Nigerian will like to know what government is doing to ensure that the life of innocent citizen is not endanger by Asari dokubo during the election period.