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The Break With Tracy: Why Journalists Are Being Jailed In Ethiopia

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Why Are So Many Journalist Being Jailed In Ethiopia? SUBSCRIBE TODAY! http://bit.ly/1IBXDYl

The Gist w/Toyosi Phillips Ep. 34 (FINAL EPISODE + TRACY THOMPSON In The Studio)

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FINAL EPISODE of The Gist with Toyosi Phillips! Thank you to everyone who has supported and contributed to the show! Guest of the week is Documentary Filmmaker, Producer and Presenter of Africa In The City, Tracy T...

Africa In The City: Nigeria – The Road To Change #NigeriaDecides

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On this episode of Africa In The City, Tracy heads to Abuja, Nigeria's capital to witness the most competitive presidential election since the end of military rule in the country. Tracy gets inside access to the elect...

Africa In The City – Fleeing Boko Haram: Inside Survivor Camps

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Nigeria is preparing for its most contested presidential election since 1999 and while all eyes are watching, the terror of militant group, Boko Haram, remains a top tense issue ahead of the polls. In this episode of ...

Africa In The City – Twerk: Culture Or Craze?

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Twerk. You've heard about it. Maybe you've even done it. We wouldn't be shocked. The dance craze typically associated with black culture has captured the world and is now a global phenomenon. But the dance movement yo...

NYC Protesters Shut Down Westside Highway In Day 2 Of Protests

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Sahara TV's  Africa In The City Crew, Tracy And Her Videographer, Mohamed Captured This Video On Dec. 4 Of NYC Protestors Shutting Down A Major NYC Highway And Standing Up To NYC Cops. Protestors Are Demanding Cops En...

Africa In The City – Rwanda, 20 Years After Genocide

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It's been 20 years since the Rwandan Genocide and on this episode of Africa In The City, Tracy travels to Kigali, Rwanda's capital to find out just how Rwandans have moved on since the deadly violence that claimed the...

Africa In The City: Rights, Religion And Racism – Brazil Edition

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On this episode of Africa In The City, Tracy travels to Brazil’s Rio de Janeiro to explore what it means to be black in the country today. Although more and more Brazilians are identifying as black or Afro-Brazilian t...

“Police Brutality, An African Immigrant Story” – Africa In The City

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On this episode of Africa In The City, Tracy delves into the reoccurring issue of police brutality. She revisits the death of Mohamed Bah, by NYPD on the night of September 25th, 2012. Bah and his family migrated to A...

Africa In The City- “Back To My Roots” Pt. 2

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In Part 1 of “Back To My Roots” Tracy started the process of discovering where her African ancestry originates from in Africa. Tracy’s  quest  stemmed from a street protest in New York City’s Harlem neighborhood he...

Africa In The City: Afrobeat Is Here To Stay – Seun Kuti

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Afrobeat, a music genre created during Africa's post colonial years is still having significant impact today, thanks to the genre's leading pioneer, Seun Kuti. In celebration of Black Music Month, Tracy goes behind th...

It’s The African Version Of Sex In The City – Nicole Amarteifio

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SaharaTV's Tracy Thompson speaks with the creator and executive producer of new film series "An African City", Nicole Amarteifio and Millie Monyo. The pair discussed the making of the new flick that's generating major...

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